back in my studio, working on motion 20 & 30 today / by Philip Tarlow

                      mikela addresses a group of volunteers at the old barn in basalt on 8/1/18

diane mitch bush, kyle & mikela at the 7/31/18 fundraiser in carbondale, colorado

2:10 PM: we got back from basalt yesterday afternoon. mikela addressed a group of volunteers for the campaign of diane mitch bush on wednesday afternoon, generating a high level of enthusiasm amongst those who attended. she gave a great overview of what it means to be a volunteer and how they could best use their skills at getting out the vote for diane. there was a very well attended fundraiser the previous night, at which diane was present, which also went really well, quadrupling the amount they had hoped to raise.

                     motion 30 following todays revisions

on my first day back, when i glanced at motion 20 & 30, i felt they both needed more work; especially since they may be shipped to gremillion in houston next week. 

i had taken out the revisions i made to motion 30 just before leaving. so i re-visited that area today, making marks with oil pastel and oil paint. it's always tricky to get back into the flow of a particular painting once some time has passed. on the other hand, that space of time can give you a fresh perspective, which i think happened today.

motion 20 is a painting i hadn't worked on since may when i re-visited it on july 23rd. today i took those revisions even further, and that may be all it needs.

BELOW: TOP ROW: motion 20 before (left) and after todays revisions. BOTTOM ROW: motion 30 before (left) and after todays revisions.