no more wiggle room! long live purple rock II! / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                          purple rock II  38x36"  at 2pm today

2:10 PM: after working on wiggle room for 2-3 days, i got that it was unsalvageable and whited over it. it happens. what counts is to recognize when you've hit a brick wall & let it go.

at work on purple rock II around 1:45 PM

i've been in the process of whiting over varios motion series paintings i consider unsuccessful and using the layering to my advantage. it tends to create a surface rich with suggestive marks & forms, which, i believe add to the mystery and up the discovery factor. i want the viewer to never tire of looking at the painting over and over and always discovering something new. part of that is folded into this new direction of the meta-motion suite of paintings. they all hint and suggest rather than hitting you in the face with indisputable forms & marks. they are more dream-like, less specific. some passages want to transmute into other forms, and are deliberately left, leaving you wondering.

a new title image for the MOTION page, which you see below