more work on upper left of purple rock / by Philip Tarlow

8pm: at the very end of the day, somewhat frustrated by todays slow paced work on purple rock, i began painting over 4 earlier motion paintings i wasn't entirely happy with. BELOW are 2 of them: right-logs in motion and left- zigzag. i may strat work on one or both tomorrow morning.

                                                                     purple rock at the ned of my painting day today

4:36: today was k. day (my 12 year old brilliant mentee) so i stopped at 2:20. i returned with fresh vigor to purple rock (don't you find it nicer that the paintings to have names rather than numbers?) iwhat i did was very little, very subtle. it's a delicate surface but it does read from where i'm sitting, about 25 feet distance. the whole thing has a pastel ring to it, yet it still has it's bones. i'm starting to thing this frequent travel schedule, due to political events we need to attend in different parts of the state, is beneficial to my work. it allows for a fresh eye.