basalt / by Philip Tarlow

this morning i discovered yet another ceramic piece recently made by my friend dan in his workshop. it displays the same level of skill, artistry and playfulness we've seen in all of his pieces, large & small. 

this particular bowl has a beautiful transition from the interior to the exterior, in terms of both color and pattern. those little hatchings incised into the very bottom of the bowl, in my opinion, take it even further beyond what you might expect looking at it from the side or above. they give it an unpredictability as well as a connection to a more aboriginal sensibility, where marks are often made purely for the delight of it, and unintentionally reveal the artisis personal signature. his dot design on the outside of the bowl is also evokative of aboriginal sensibilities. dan's creations are refreshingly unpredictable, while giving the impression of a ceramacist who has been at it for many years,along with the fresh perspective of someone who has only been at it for a relatively short time, and has a reservoir of tricks up his sleeve reflecting an awareness of the history of art,

LAST NIGHT mikela spoke at a fundraiser for candidate diane mitch bush, running for congress representing Colorado CD3. the well attended event was held in a beautiful aspen home. diane spoke, answered questions and then gave the floor to kyle and mikela, who is in the position of field director, organizing volunteeres in the various counties. diane is hoping to unseat scott tipton, who is a disaster. he's got lots of money, especially because he accepts corporate donations, as opposed to diane who does not. he was given a high likelyhood of winning until recently, when it was announced that the election results were "a toss up."