pink rocks motion / by Philip Tarlow

view of my studio today at 1pm

after doing  a bit of work on pink rocks motion, (far right on the wall) i began preparations for going to the creek to paint plein air in about a half hour. i haven't been out to the creek in a while, and today for the first time i felt the urge. here i am taping arches paper to 4 pieces of foam core. i'll have them with me, although i never do 4. most often 2, sometimes 3. they usually get better the more i do. simpler, less descriptive, more energetic.

sunday is not the best day to go; there are too many people at the camp sites, many with dogs. i try to stay hidden, but occasionally people or dogs or both bug me.

pink rocks motion at 9:30 AM today

DETAIL of pink rocks motion showing the area of the layer i whited over that i left un-whited

9:56 AM: i'm leaving motion 16 be for now. it's so different than the rest of the series I don't quite know what to make of it or what to do with it. so i shifted gears and continued work on pink rocks motion, which is an older motion series painting i whited over last week, leaving a small area of the underlying layer showing through. it's at a very delicate stage, and part of me, as usual, is struggling with weather or not to leave it as is or continue has a whimsy i fear might get lost if i keep going.