sure looks like a time faded pompeian fresco! / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                                           motion 16 at 2:15pm

2:31 PM: looks pompeian but i ain't sayin' should be the title of this one. too cutsie? my motion series started in february,of this year. all along the idea of numbering them motion 1, 2,3 etc. wasn't terribly attractive to me. but once i started, i was too lazy to go back & change them all. truth is, it can still be a series or suite of paintings without going the number route.

so the more layers of paint i applied and then scraped away, what remained reminded me a lot of worn & faded pompeian frescos, which i love a lot. i don't know if i'd be as attracted to them if they had just been freshly painted. same with byzantine frescos. what is gone leaves ones imagination to fill in the blanks. this one in particular is very appealing in that way, especially the closer you get to it. on the right, a small example of what i mean.

of course over time, if i were to do a number of paintings in this way, it could easily become a mindless gimmick. which is exactly the problem with much of contemporary art.  and, based upon my past history, the whole thing could transform tomorrow and this conversation would be moot. BELOW: the 4 stages of motion 16 from yesterday through today.


1:16 PM: ABOVE: 3 stages of motion 16 today.  more a bit later; i'm going to keep working...