re-evaluating / by Philip Tarlow

2:19 PM: light rain is falling.better than no rain at all. leadbelly is singing you can't lose me cholly. i did a big scrape n' rub this morning, delighting in the physicality of it all, and energized by the prospect of thunderstorms.

i got down to the bits that wouldn't go away, leaving a scantily clad canvas which, if it could have, would have jumped up, wrapped itself in a towel and exited the studio, still wet hair loose about her shoulders.

it all took place on my work table, where various palette knives, old washcloths & big trowels moved vigorously across the linen, catching recently applied globs of titanium white oil paint & straeking them across the surface like a crazi skate boarder high on drugs.

they hang next to one another now in the dim, overcast-sky light. released from their darker, more pronounced marks and relieved to be free. at least for now, from my sweeping scrapes & scrubs, they are settling in to their new, subtle reality.

SITE-6-5-18 grey palette.jpg

6:55 AM: motion 27-a will be returning to my studio later this morning. i'll see what i'm going to do, but i feel somewhat at a loss as to where to go from here. i might actually unstretch it & start over....again. returning from this 2 week trip to europe is not easy. sleep wise, i feel back to normal today, and it's been a full week since we got back. maybe nexttime we travel overseas i need to allow a week before jumping back into painting, and instead spend my time doing organizing stuff i put off when i'm in my flow with work.