day 2-motion 27-a / by Philip Tarlow

motion 27-a  36x38", at the end of my painting day today


3:38 PM: it's been a long day. today is our 4th day home following our long return flight from france, via detroit. (cheaper tickets). i added a rock form a different image to break up the flatness of the green area in the center of the composition. you can see it in the image blow right. that didn't work. spent a lot of time & elbow grease removing it & playing around with other solutions, and ended up here. i'm way too bleary eyed to evaluate the painting right now. so it will be a july 4th event.

9:37 AM: so what's with the 27-a? that's to distinguish it from motion 27, which was discarded a few days ago; a rare event in this motion series.

on the left, ABOVE: the painting on day 1, yesterday. and on the right, how it looked as i began work this morning, half an hour ago. a new imagery has been introduced, with the rock shape in the left foreground breaking up the annoyingly straight line of the green & the shadows of 2 trees on the upper right adding, i think successfully, to the composition.

motion 27-a is beginning to reveal it's identity, as much to me as to you. i can't help but think of the stones 40 licks imagery when i gaze at the passage on the mid-left. a sub-conscious sexual reference?