back to work on motion 30 / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                                     motion 30 at 3 pm today

3:25 PM: i'm continuing work on motion 30. the painting looked like this (above) at the end of my painting day today. almost gone are the original marks inspired by our visit to steamboat springs a few weeks ago, and my hike up to fish creek falls. all that's left, for now, is the nude figure of a woman standing on the rocks in the upper central portion of the composition. she looks hesitatingly into the swirling maelstrom of rushing water beneath her feet. in the photo i shot, she was a teenage boy wearing shorts, so i took a few liberties. i'll see in the morning, as usual, weather more work is needed.


1:11 PM: i seem to be in a phase where i'm re-working various motion series paintings rather than starting new ones. today it has turned out to be motion 30. this was one of those paintings that had all the freshness of the under-drawings i've been making then painting over. but the mpre i looked at it, the more i could see that it needed more layers, more stages, more process. i mean look what happened yesterday with motion 16, which i hadn't touched since april! it called to me and i made a revision that allowed it, finally to sing. you just never know. what you see above are the changes i made so far today to motion 30 on the right, and how it looked before the changes on the left.