unexpected return to motion 16 / by Philip Tarlow


3:34 PM: the last time i worked on motion 16 was back in april. today was spent preparing surfaces to work on tomorrow. late in the afternoon, when i'm usually done painting and i'm cleaning up, i ran across motion 16 and that passage on the bottom left was bugging me. it just didn't work with the rest of the composition, and kept drawing my eye; never a good sign.

while searching through my drawers of colors, i had stumbled upon a treasure trove of holbein oil pastels, which means i can delete them from my blick order. i opened a few to make sure they were viable after so many years sitting in the drawer. and, lo! after scraping off the tip of the stick of oil pastel, which has hardened, they were fresh as when i first bought them, probably about 10 years ago.

so basically, i was trying them out on motion 16, which i felt did need something. so here's the result, and i'll see tomorrow what more i need to do.