more work on motion 27 today / by Philip Tarlow

3 pm:just before k. arrived, i did one more quick round on motion 27. it felt a little too defined. like ok this is a rock and here's some flowing water, oh and here's some indications of blue sky....


so although it still needs work, my eye has an easier time taking in the whole composition . that said, there's something missing, which may show up after a one day break to go to my dentist in boulder & to my denver gallery to drop off some motion series paintings & have a conversation about them.

lately i'm back in the 9th-10th c. chinese space i was enjoying about 2-3 years ago. in part this is due to the fact that i've been using my book on taiga as inspiration for k. to make some studies. he's developing rapidly and next time wants to show me his new drawing program, put it on my desktop imac and do something together.


                                                           motion 27 at 1:30 PM today

1:39 PM: i had given up on motion 27 and was about to un-stretch it yesterday, when i got the message to give it one more it turns out, i'm doing more work on this one than i had done on many of the others in the series.  i'm going to stop & clean up now to prepare for another visit from k., the 12 year old student i'm mentoring. i have some thoughts about where to go with him today, and we'll see how that develops. i'm always sensitive to where he's at & which direction he wants to pursue, even though he often seems to want to leave it up to me. i'm thinking of asking him to make a study of a chinese or japanese landscape, like the spectacular one he did last time. except this time i may suggest he add just one color towards the end.