taking motion 30 further, inspired by taiga / last minute intervention to motion 27 / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                   motion 27 at 4 pm, following an unexpected revision


as i was about to clean my brushes & pack up for the day, i took a look at motion 27 & felt it was too heavy. since i already had my paints on the palette & my crayons & colored pencils available, i launched in to a major rework. it's still rather dark compared with the others, but it gives a feel for the mystery of the creek-scape. so now i'm cooked, and i'll see how it looks in the morning.

                                                                          motion 30 as it looked at 1pm today.

                              DETAIL of motion 30 at 1 pm

1:05 PM: today i'm focused on one painting, rather than four, as i was yesterday. my challenge is to maintain a lot of the white space, or breathing space more accurately, while enriching the previously uncomplicated one-layered composition. i might consider leaving it as is, letting it settle into itself & see how it looks after a day or two.

12:20 PM: this morning while having my breakfast snacks i perused the book i have on 18th c. japanese painter taiga. i found a few statements relevant to what i'm thinking & feeling lately.

the concept of painting as soundless poetry

and capturing the essential meaning

i'll leave it at that for now, and get back to work on motion 30. this new motion series painting started out as a translation of images i saw & photographed recently at fish creek falls.  the figures i witnessed at the creek, in various characteristic poses of people who are delighted at being in such beauty and are exploring it, entered the picture plane, i'm dealing with how to make them part of the essential meaning emerging in this painting. and i don't know yet what that is.