simultaneous revisions to 4 motion paintings / by Philip Tarlow

working on 4 paintings made for an interesting day, topped off by a visit from my mentee, k. he expressed interest in exploring the history of art, so i had him choose a 10th century chinese landscape painting, followed by an architectural drawing by 17th c. painter jacob van ruisdale and make studies. the results blew me away. i knew he was talented, but this study went beyond what i imagined this 12 year old was capable of. i'm already thinking of future projects for him, and maybe a collaboration between the two of us.

4:19 PM: today i worked on all 4 of the paintings you see below. in the left hand column of images are, starting from the top, motion 30, 20, 29 and 27. i just now added details to the images below, which are to the right of each one.

SITE-7-23-18 studio at noon.jpg

12:31 PM: this is probably the first time i'm working on 4 paintings simultaneously: motion 20, 27, 29 & 30! it just happened. i kept seeing things i wanted to do in one of the four, which inspired me to do something on another of the four, get the picture. my mentee , k. is arrriving at 2:30, so that's my cutoff.