wacky day in the studio / by Philip Tarlow

3:08 PM: today was a wacky day, even in my wacky world. i had given up on motion 27 & was going to un-stretch it to scavenge the stretcher bars, but a voice in my head said i should give it another shot. voice in my head? do i need therapy? well, that's kind of the way it works when you are your own boss, right? 

so i introduced that forest green and preserved some of the more compelling, suggestive passages, and now all i can see is a damsel in distress waving hello with her abbreviated paw, and an even more distressed halloween-like face, hair raised in horror. perhaps he's spooked by our pres.

and, amongst the rock markings in the lower left, sex is happening, or about to. read this while you can; it will likely be expunged at some point.

BELOW: details of the painting

BELOW: the revised, yet again, motion 29.

                DETAIL of motion 29 after todays revisions

simultaneously, i was making more revisions to motion 29. a dear friend whose opinion i value highly,  was saddened by the last minute changes i made yesterday, depriving it, she thought, of the movement of the water, which she loved. still a good painting, she observed, but it has lost that magic i felt it had.

now theres a challenge! back & forth i went, between 27, which i hadn't touched since july 5th, and 29. i'll have to wait for my friend's response to the changes i made to motion 29, but i believe the motion of the water she was mourning may be back, albeit in a different form.



BELOW: comparative views of motion 29 in the state my friend loved, yesterday when she was disappointed, and on the right, today,