motion 29 this morning / stretching motion 30 / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                                          motion 30 at 4:15 pm

4:37 PM: the introduction of figures is new in my motion series. what will become of them as i continue work tomorrow is up in the air. right now, 19th c. french painting springs to mind, when figures in the landscape were a thing. when i encountered all the visitors at fish creek falls neat steamboat springs a few days ago, i was struck by their relationship to the rocks and water, and shot lots of photos with my phone. the guy in the lower left with the blue shirt is playing a digereedo. none of the figures were nude, but it seemed to me they should have been. whereas at first i was shocked by how many visitors there were, i soon began to see them enriching the landscape, and knew i'd be painting them. BELOW: 3 details:

DETAIL: working on motion 30 today

2:51 PM: i stretched a new 38x36" canvas and have begun work on motion 30, inspired by our recent trip to glenwood springs and my hike up to fish kill falls, which was replete with visitors, some bathing, one playing a didgeredoo, which was harmonizing with the sound of rushing water ....

                                                          motion 29 at 11 am this morning

11:03 AM: yesterday late afternoon i come back over to my studio with mikela. she gave her usual spot-on feedback, and as a result i made a few more changes to the painting. there was one particular in the mid-left area that she was very right about. it was a beauticul passage, & the red i added yesterday afternoon detracted from it.

BELOW: the painting before (left) and after my changes late yesterday afternoon: