motion 27-a / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL: motion 27-a at 2:30.

2:19 PM: this is it for today. the trick tomorrow will be to keep it fresh, with lots of space, but with a compelling point of focus. this cannot be planned, but is most likely to occur early in the day, when my energy is fresh & the temperatures low. most important, i always need to remember to listen to the painting itself; what it wants, when it's feeling resolved.

motion 27-a  36X38", at 12;30 PM

12:30 PM: here's the current state of motion 27-a. clearly, it's a work in progress. it's starting to get hot,so i'll see how much more i can do before i stop; probably and hour more.


DETAILS: left & below














10:12 AM: early stage of motion 27-a. it's like an animal of some sort growing appendages, organs, scales...






9:11 AM: it's still relatively cool; current outside temp is 67, so i'm getting to work right away on motion 27-a. the previous motion 27, which i started before our trip to france and continued until yesterday, was a failure. so rather than struggle any more with it, i scrapped it and am starting fresh. the nature of the new direction of my motion series is such that they can't be overworked. they need to be one motion. one event. and if i lose my connection to that mark-making event, it's over.

pics of the stages of work will be posted as they become available.