out on a limn / by Philip Tarlow

                                        motion 29, 38x38" at it looked at 3:20 pm today; the end of my painting day

2:18 PM: a welcome thunderstorm moved in, it got very dark and i'm stopping here for the day.

i worked some more on motion 29, taking, as i promised, risks & going out on a limn.

BELOW you see 3 stages of motion 29. the first is how it looked yesterday at the end of my painting day. and the two on the right are stages of the painting today, the far right being the final stage.

i will definitely return to it once we're back from steamboat springs, so look for a continuation of these posts thursday morning, unless i decide to post form the road.

BELOW: 3 details of motion 29

                                              motion 29, 38x38" as it looked at about noon

12:45 PM: do i really want to mess with such a delicate balance? i asked myself, knowing that, yes, i do and, yes i would. so as usual i dove right in with little clue as to where i was going, other than having certainty that the fortuitous accidents would happen, right under my nose, while my controlling mind was on a short break. i'm not there yet, and it's a little disorienting knowing we'll be out of town till wednesday, but i'm still in the thick of it. going out on a limn i mean.

LIMN: synonyms:highlight, adorn, embellish, paint, illuminate, suffuse

more later my dearest friends, new & old!