where to go next / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                                         motion 29 at 2pm today


1:54 PM: so i decided to continue work on motion 29, despite the fact that i don't feel in top form today, as i said in my 11 am post. by listening to what the painting wanted, i think i was able to make good, albeit slow progress. there's such a deep divide between the the fist 16 or so paintings in this suite, that i may make changes to my motion page, and divide the series into two distinct groupings. basically, what used to serve as an under-drawing, which was then mostly painted & scraped over with a bolder image, is now the main event. as a result, the paintings now have far more subtlety and ambiguity. when i bring them over to the house for the acid test of hanging in our expansive, light, open top floor, they have more staying power; we find something new every time we look at them.

11:02 AM: i ate way too much fresh fruit last night & woke up weird. mikela said "if you're not feeling well, DON'T work on the new painting! " i'd have trouble working on it even if i was feeling well! it's so delicately beautiful. what if i can't get back into the same vibe? which obviously i can't. that would be impossible. i did bring over a couple of canvasses to un-stretch & re-stretch with fresh linen canvas. they are a few that are not on my A list, and since the new work is piling up and i'm running out of storage, it makes sense to un-stretch less successful paintings & roll them up. but that's a rather boring way to spend my day. so lets see what i end up doing.