yesterday's session with K. / starting motion 29 / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                                          motion 29 at 1:45 PM

1:45 PM: i's stopping here for the day. unfortunately, i'm going to have to un-stretch & re-stretch this canvas. i neglected to check if it was squared up after putting the stretcher bars together. as a result, it's impossible to avoid the wrinkles you see, and eventually it will be a problem when it's ready for framing as well. a big pain in the ass that will take a little over an hour. so i'm going to run some errends in town first, then come back & do it. i definitely don't want to wait till morning & waste my morning energy on this.



10:15 AM: the student i'm mentoring, k., came over to the house yesterday afternoon at 6:20 and we sat on our deck & made gouache landscape paintings. it was a short session due to approaching storms & k's inability to do his favorite thing: layering, with the gouache colors i provided. he prefers acrylics or oils, so next time we'll use oils & see how it goes. nonetheless, i think what he did is quite beautiful &, as it turns out, very kaelen-esque! i confirmed yet again that there's nothing quite like plein air painting. can't be beat!

                                                               k's landscape 6x15.75"

                                                          philip's landscape  6x15.75"

today i plan on starting a new motion series painting, motion 29, which will be 48x48", on linen. once i begin the drawing, i'll post pics.