continuing work on motion 28 / by Philip Tarlow

2pm:  refreshed & rejuvenated after our highly productive actionlab team meetings sunday & monday, i resumed work on motion 28. the rocks in the forground were bothering me, so most of the work i did has consisted, thus far, of working into those rocks, scrubbing the canvas down to it's white surface, going back that. 

i can't plan for what it is i'm after, but i know it when i see it. usually, the richest passages come about while trying to resolve some other problem in the composition. often, the painting starts to sing following the introduction of a particular form or color that serves as an accent...maybe the equivalent in music would be a staccato, unexpected high note, allowing the rest of the piece to flow like water. to move. thus the title of this series: movement.

as a result, i want to be able to discover the painting anew every time i look at it.