continuing work on motion 26 / by Philip Tarlow

motion 26 at 3:30 PM, following the introduction of oil paints

motion 21, completed may 4,2018

3:30 PM: following a late luch of pancakes with blueberries & walnuts, i squeezed some oil colors onto my palette & began, gingerlyto work into the colored pencil & crayon under-drawing.

DETAIL of motion 26 at 3:30 pm

at the moment, when comparing it to, say motion 21, which you see on the right, it has a more ethereal, impressionistic air about it, suggesting more than it describes.





i do like the way this linen takes the paint, possibly even more so than the far more expensive artfix portrait linen. plus, it's more resilient and less prone to creasing than the super fine portrait responds differently to scraping because it has more tooth than the paper-like portrait linen. i'm cool with that.

motion 26 at 1:50 pm

1:50 PM: i am moving slowly on this one, approaching the point where i might introduce oil paint, possibly later this afternoon. i'd like to maintain the delicate balance as i introduce elements that will make it pop more from a distance. the eternal internal debate about when to leave it alone continues unabated!

RIGHT: detail of motion 26 at 1:50 PM. this detail i selected could actually work as a finished composition, wouldn't you say?



11:33 AM:

first thing this morning we learned of the death of anthony bourdain at 61. we are still in shock, as we know are those who knew him personally, including barak, and his family. like many of you, he was my hero.

starting a bit late today; i had to run up & reserve a campsite for friends arriving tonight before they were all gone; i got the last one!

in reviewing the work i did yesterday, i got a sense of where it might want to go. so lets get to work & i'll post as the day progresses.