starting work on motion 26 / by Philip Tarlow

3 PM: here's where i'm stopping for the day, so i can have time to rest before todays round of calls to prospective colorado district 3 primary campaign voters. we support diane mitch bush, about whom you can learn more on her site:

she's dynamite.

i took this under-drawing further in the past hour. in the next day or two, i'll decide whether or not to introduce areas of oil paint.

the area of blue water you see in the image BELOW is the very last thing i did before stopping for the day. i think it's a good example of the power of calligraphic marks, and how they can allow one to say more with less.









1:22 PM: i'm back! know how i can tell? i sang & i danced here in my studio, while listening to my shuffle songs. that's how. you don't sing & dance if you feel crappy & have the damn flu.

so i started a new drawing for motion 26. now don't get confused. there was a different motion 26, 27 & 28 a few weeks ago, which were 3 20x20" paintings that were experiments intended for a denver gallery. it's a long story, but they are no longer motion paintings. 

so i let my pencils & crayons dance their dance across the new linen canvas i just received yesterday. it's a slightly different dance than what happens on the super fine portrait linen, which takes the pencil & crayon almost like drawing on a piece of bristol paper. slides right across. no little bumps to contend with. just slides right along like spaghetti on a string. this one is more textured. different but not worse or better. i got a nice big 85" roll, so there are many paintings that will come out of it. this is number 1. 

so back to work, as i listen to neil young live at massey hall, 1971. if you've never heard it, you can find all the songs with excellent video on youtube.

10:48 AM: after making mikela a delicious cup of fresh roasted & ground ethiopian coffee, having an important conversation with the driver of the trash truck and having a morning snack, i'm ready to embark on the next painting in my motion series. pics & commentary a bit later in the day.

as i was preparing to start the new painting, i ran across this image of a 2014 (?) collage. from the looks of it, it's a fairly good sized one, but i can only guess the width...maybe 60"?? rather handsome, don't you think?