continuing the motion series / by Philip Tarlow

1:56 PM: i'm not fully recovered form the flu, so i'm taking a little break back at the house. i received a new roll of linen from savoir faire today, and as i unpacked it, i realized i don't feel complete with my motion series.

the past few weeks have been devoted to futile attempts to at creating "loose abstracted landscapes" for the denver gallery i was interested in. i made two unsuccessful attempts, but when i brought the new work to the gallery, they didn't fit their pictures. as i've said in previous blogs, i've never in my career done something like this, and now i know why! i'm trying not to hold it as a waste of my time, but it sure feels that way!

it feels like a huge relief to get back to my motion series. so i'm stretching two new canvases, both 36x38"  & anticipating starting work on the first one tomorrow. 

the painting on the upper right, motion 25, was the last one i did, and differs form the rest in that it has no under-drawing. i think the new ones will. i feel that it's an important ingredient. on the right is one with an under-drawing: motion 7: richer, more layered, complex.

plus, and this one is important for me, there's an element of the fortuitous accident. as i paint & scrape over the under-drawing, magic happens. i live for that magic, so why leave it out? in the interest of a "cleaner" look? the painting that have an under-drawing invite more viewer participation, each viewer creating his or her own story.

BELOW: a detail from motion 7.