flu, day 6, progress! a grey palette / by Philip Tarlow

2:22 PM: so here's where it's at right now. i did start departing from the grays, and this is becoming a denser painting than motion 26 & 27, in part as a result of feedback from my son dimitri. he has a very good eye, which i trust. 

as far as the spatial orientation of the viewer, which the gallery was interested in, it's more distinct than in the other two.

my extraction site my have a bit of an infection, and i'm in too much pain to go on much longer. i took a picture of it & texted it to my dentist, so we'll see what he says.












12:33 PM: today is the first day i feel like i can paint. well, maybe a little. i'm starting out with a palette of 7 greys, white & black. let's see where it takes me. i'm continuing work on motion 28, 20x20"