flu, day 5/ rejuvinated cacti / by Philip Tarlow

7:20 AM: today marks the 5th day of this really bad flu. and i had the flu shot!  i can't even think about going to the studio to paint, so i'm just going to rest today.

ABOVE: left & center: the precip fell as snow above 12,500 ft. right: we haven't seen this much water in our driveway in a very long time.

yesterday the predictions for thunderstorms were realized. we ended up receiving .70" of precip, starting at 11 am & continuing, with a few interruptoins, until 8pm. while we are still in a drought, it was a huge relief to receive that much precip. as i mentioned on FB, as i was walking over to my studio yesterday to get some raw ginger & tumeric i had there, i spotted the little desert cacti along the way. they had been looking very unhappy; dry & shriveled. this is the month when they blossom, and it looking grim. but after the rain, the perked right up, and for the first time i saw their little pink blossoms emerging. i've painted them in the past, & i'll try to take a shot & post it later today if i'm up to it.