continuing work on motion 27 today / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL  of motion 27 as it looked at 3 pm

2:40 PM: here's where i'm stopping for the day. about an hour ago the painting had become too heavy & congested, so i did a scrub with solvent and now, as you can see below on the right, it's too light & lacking a focal point. which gives me something to sleep on! lets see what happens tomorrow.

in this detail on the right i think there are some successful passages, but the entire painting needs to sing, and that has not yet happened.

it may be that i needed to do some warm up exercises before jumping into this one the day after a 2 week break & 36+ hours of travel with no sleep.

12:45 pm: continuing work on motion 27

at work on motion 27 this morning

SITE-6-30-18 PT at work on motion 27-CROP.jpg

11:18 AM: i got a good nights sleep & am 75% through my jet lag, so it's much easier to work today. i flipped the canvas upside down, which i sometimes do to shake things up & introduce new imagery. more pics & commentary as the day progresses.