back from our travels / by Philip Tarlow

motion 27 36x38", as it looked at 2 pm

DETAIL: motion 27 at 2pm today

2:17 PM: trying not to pay too much attention to this, but it's 10:19 pm in paris, so my eyelids are heavy & i can feel sleep coming on. at any rate, i did make some progress on motion 27 today, although i wasn't at the top of my game. the new direction this series has taken since i completed motion 25 on may 22 has been a long time in the making. the new motion paintings incorporate all that i learned in making the previous ones, but as well all that i learned and am still learning from my plein air gouaches & oils. looking at vuillard in the musée quai d'orsay, i confirmed my belief in the slow but steady unfolding of my process as a painter. it's never a straight line, but if you look for them, signs appear along one's trajectory indicating deeper and deeper levels of self discovery; clearer and clearer indications that one's pictorial language is developing. in general, galleries and critics are not helpful in this evolution, mostly preferring that an artist's work remain predictable. predictability=death as far as i'm concerned.

day 1: motion 23, 36x38"

12:06 PM:back from france & switzerland last night, and our bodies are still on french time. before leaving on the 13th, i started motion 23, with the knowledge that i'd have something to work on as soon as we returned. i don't know if i'm up for it, but i'll give it a try & see what happens.