continuing motion 27 / deep questions / by Philip Tarlow

motion 22 revision at 2:30 pm

i did considerable work today on my revision of motion 22. first i went over the entire painting with a thin wash of diluted white oil color. then i scraped the surface vigorously, then i worked into it with oil pastel, oil paint & crayon. i'll have to wait until after our trip to evluate the results, but i do feel it's an improvement form the earlier version from a month ago.

at work on motion 22 revisions, 1pm

1pm: i decided to leave the new motion 27 & continue revisions to motion 22,  which is essentially being reinvented. here i'm using white oil paint  to break up the space with watery marks.

8:09 AM: yesterday afternoon my mentee, k., came over arounf 2:30 to continue our adventure. the plan was for him to continue, perhaps complete the long narrow landscape in acrylic he's been working on over the past month. yesterday morning, before he came over, i had a brief visit from our friends, my boulder dentist & his wife. they've been visiting crestone/baca this weekend, had dinner at our house saturday night, and were preparing to drive back up to boulder.

as soon as they entered my studio, his wife teresa exclaimed excitedly that she wants to buy k's landscape painting, which she had seen the previous afternoon on their studio visit. i was thrilled, and i knew k would be, but i hesitated to tell him until he had completed the painting, afraid that this new information, which i knew he'd find hard to believe, might affect his work on the painting negatively.

k's landscape. 12x40" acrylic on canvas, (signature blocked to preserve his privacy)

after about an hour, k. came back into the studio,  obviously frustrated. he's been sitting just outside the studio door & it was so windy that the paint was instantly drying on his palette, blowing stuff around & in general making his life difficult. he thought he had screwed the painting up completely, but it didn't look that way to me. it looks like a really good landscape painting to me.

so now we have to negotiate price. we'll bring it to denver on wednesday where teresa can pick it up. i think the reality will only hit kaelen when he sees a photo of it hanging on her wall.

i'm about to launch into more work on the new motion 27, and continue revisions to motion 22. pics will be posted as they become available.