starting motion 27 / revising motion 22 / by Philip Tarlow

5:45 PM: here are the changes i made to motion 22; the previous version on the left, after todays changes, on the right.

motion 27 at 5pm

stopping for the day. the current state of motion 27 can be seen above. it's still very early stage.

2:01 PM: this morning after our friends left i stretched the canvas for motion 27 & began the under-drawing. as i was working, motion 22 caught my eye & seemed unresolved, so i went back & forth between the two. motion 22 can be seen on the wall behind my head. to view this painting before todays intervention, click on the link below & scroll down to the 10th row of paintings. it's the one on the left.:

. i'll update as the afternoon progresses.