a small tweak to "motion 22" / evaluating the series thus far / by Philip Tarlow

11:40 AM: i had brought motion 22 over to the house for a final evaluation before bringing it to the gallery in denver, when i spotted an area that needed a minor adjustment.

there was a red in the center right of the composition that was drawing my eye to the detriment of the rest of the composition.  it was not extreme, but since there's a good chance that this painting will be sold soon, i wanted to take this opportunity to fix it. BELOW are before (left) & after (right) pics. 

in reviewing the motion series thus far, i see some distinct characteristics. below are 18 of the 19 paintings in the series, two of which are on paper. visit the motion page: http://philiptarlow.com/motion/  to view them all full page. all are derived from my plein air creek paintings; mostly the ones in oil on linen. you can view some of them on my plein air page if you scroll down past the ones in gouache on paper.

the biggest shift has taken place only recently. motion 22, which i just completed, is an example. the under-drawing has become a painting in it's own right, with just a very light application of oil colors. the result is striking, moving from intensely energetic, gestural paintings sometimes reminiscent of the abstract expressionist movement of the '50's, to a much lighter, although no less painterly rendering of the creekscape as a myriad of patterns, which give the impression of motion very differently.