completing motion 22 / by Philip Tarlow


1:12 PM: when i entered the studio this morning, & my had first glance at motion 22, i felt it needed some accents; some focal points so that it would be less diffuse. that said, it's one of the features i love about this painting. wherever your eye settles. something is taking place , some patterning is describing a rock or a branch, and they are  all married to one another in a symbiotic dance. it's a multicolored translation of the creek experience; wherever you look there are patterns and patterns within patterns, along with the ever present sounds of water rushing over rocks, eventually finding it's way to the valley.

BELOW: motion 22 as i left it yesterday afternoon, left, and as it looked moments ago, right. if you click on one, the click on the right arrow, it will take you back & forth so that you can compare the two and see what a difference todays work has made in the overall coherence.