tweaks to motion 21 and 20. / by Philip Tarlow

6:08 PM: this afternoon i started the drawing for motion 22, which i'll continue in the morning.

11:08: a fast worker, i am. just adjusted motion 20. a little goes a long way. compare BELOW the before, left, and after, right. hint: look for an echo of the sickle shaped ochre/siena shape on the mid-right on the upper left, 30% of the way down. and a green accent on the rectangular shaped rock on the lower left. those two tweaks make it SING! la-la-la-la-ow-w-w-e-e-e-e!

ok, time to stretch a new canvas for motion 22!

10:33 AM: i did some work on motion 21 & am moving on to motion 20, which needs only a minor adjustment, and then will stretch a new canvas for motion 22. i may be able to do something i have in mind which, if it's dry in time, i'll bring to the gallery in denver next week.

BELOW: motion 21 before tweaks, on left, and moments ago, on right,


7:03 AM: following 2 stormy days, the peaks are looking much better than they have in a while. while we at 8,000 ft. didn't get much, above 12,000 ft. there was decent snowfall, which likely made a small dent in our drought conditions. last night just before sunset we witnessed the beautiful rainbow you see above.

today i'm bringing motion 20, which has been hanging on our east living room wall, back to the studio for some tweaks. at the same time, i'll be doing more work on motion 21, which i worked on extensively yesterday.

BELOW: left: motion 21, right motion 20