flu / by Philip Tarlow

7:58 PM: woke up with the flu, with all its nasty symptoms. so i didn't go to the studio & just mainly rested, except for an hour of political calls i just made asking for support for our favorite democratic candidte, who is running to unseat tipton.

in reviewing the 20x20" landscape studies i made over the past week, i was less than excited. maybe it just doesn't work trying to meet someone elses expectations. i kind of know now, after 2 tries, what the denver gallery i'm so interested in is looking for, but it runs counter to my preferred way of working without a specific end in mind. when i'm feeling better, i'll make one more attempt at a plein air oil, and if that doesn't work, it may not have been meant to be.

i did find a plein air gouache done last year that i think comes close to their vision, and this is it.

                  3/25/17 plein air gouache

i'll get them on the phone & see what they think. if it's a good fit, i can make paintings that are compositionally in alignment with this gouache, with it's defined spaces, clear foreground & background. it's one of my better plein air gouaches, i'd say.