recent motion paintings on studio wall / by Philip Tarlow

2:30 PM: i'm evaluating the 3 recent motion series paintings, which you see here on my studio wall, along with a few of the 2014 plein air oils which served as inspiration. 

i'm pondering where to go from here, and considering making a new plein air series in oil, to see how my perception has shifted since i began making the 3 latest motion paintings, and if perhaps making them on a larger scape might affect how i paint the smaller ones with the new expectation that all the marks i'm making may end up on a canvas twice the size or more. 

if i do go ahead and start a new lein air series, it will be on slightly larger canvases: 20x20" rather than 16x16". the north crestone trail gate will open back up by memorial day, allowing me access once again to all of the 12 campsites, instead of being limited to the few i can access that are close to where i currently have to park the car.

yesterday while browsing my book how to read chinese paintings, published by the metropolitan museum, i ran across the following description by author maxwell hearn, of one of wu zhen's 10th c. handscrolls: " balanced between representation & calligraphic abstraction."

it seems to be an absolutely perfect way of talking about my motion series, so i borrowed it, and you will now find it as a subtitle on my motion page. click on the image belowto visit the page.