second day of work on motion 24 / by Philip Tarlow

2:34 PM: today started out as a sunny morning, but it rapidly evolved into a cloudy, stormy day. winds were blowing at gale force for an hour or so, as thunderstorms moved up from the southwest. so  far we've only had a small amount of rain, but more is in the forecast for later this afternoon.

despite the failing light, i was able to get some good work done on motion 24. i stayed mostly true to the 6/9/14 plein air oil, which is 16x16." of course i made adjustments dictated mostly by the larger dimensions. a 16x16" painting doesn't translate to a larger scale without some important changes. also, the brisk, spontaneous movement of the brush on the smaller scale and the the immediacy of the moment out there at the creek are tricky to translate into a studio setting. i also noticed that the canvas i used for the original, while it was portrait linen, was a different brand, and the white of the canvas is slightly greyed. the portrait linen i'm using for the larger version is made by artfix, and is significantly whiter & brighter. this makes the transitions from the delicate tones in much of the painting to the white of the canvas more stark & puts more emphasis on the negative spaces, of which there are many. 

you can see this in the photos below,  where the original plein air oil is on the left & the new large painting on the right.