starting work on motion 24 / by Philip Tarlow

3:19 PM:here's where i'm stopping for the day, as the wind picks up, the skies darken and it sure looks like we might get a thunderstorm, as predicted. although motion 24 is not yet complete, she's already singing.

i'll clean my brushes, make my political calls & head back to the house, where mikela is suffering with an intense flu. she's definitely going to get the flu shot next year. my doc recommended it & i'm very glad i lestened to him.

1:31 PM: i began work on motion 24 this morning, it's based upon this 6/9/14 plein air oil, which is 16x16" motion 24 is 48x48" and, unlike motion 23 is being painted on artfix fine portrait linen, which is very expensive & has 4 coats of primer. the difference from the previous painting, which was on cotton canvas, is vast. vast, i say! the sensitivity with which it takes my brush strokes is stunning. it's like the painting is painting itself.

i'll continue working till 3:30, when i'll make about an hour of calls to supporters of diane bush, asking them if they're up for making calls or doing door knocking in support of her candidacy. she's running for congress in our district & is, in our opinion by far the best candidate.