sangres with purple clouds continued / by Philip Tarlow

                 sangres with purple clouds, 12x48" oil on linen as it looked moments ago

3:32 PM: i got a late start today because mikela & i had an actionlab meeting at the saguache high school this morning. saguache is a 45 minute drive across the valley. it's name derives from a ute word, meaning a blue-green place.

i honestly didn't know if i could get any work done. i'm used to making mikela's coffee, meditating & heading to my studio. the drive, the meeting threw me off balance. but i was able to get some decent work done on sangres with purple clouds. it's interesting to be working in this way in the midst of my very gestural, abstracted creek-scape motion series paintings.

my seasonal allergies continue to plague me, & my nose is dripping like a faucet. i can't use flonase or allergy pills because they could affect my glaucoma, so i just have to put up with them. the wind is driving the tree pollen count to very high levels, and is gusting to gale force today. but by friday they should subside.