continued work on motion 23 / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                                motion 23  36x38"  oil on canvas

3:14 PM: i brought it back to the house for a few minutes to get mikela's feedback which, as always was very perceptive & spot on. it took only 10 minutes to make the changes she suggested. 

this is the first time i'm doing something like this: making a larger version of one of my plein air oils, without making any significant changes. clearly, when you see the two together, there are differences, as you can see BELOW. the 16x16" version is on the left, the 36x38" one i just painted on the right.

1:53 PM: i'm continuing to work on motion 23, which is based on a 10/7/14 plein air oil. it's interesting dealing with issues of scale, and i'm not yet sure it will be successful. i'll continue for another hour or two, then give you my complete comments & observations.