stretching a 38x36 in. canvas for the largest plein air painting i've done / by Philip Tarlow

1:54 PM: today, which by the way is my birthday, i stretched a 38x36" canvas, with the intention of making the largest plein air painting i've ever done. it's for a gallery in denver. they saw a 16x16" plein air, which is normally the size i use for plein air paintings in oil, and asked if i could make a larger version with these dimensions.

if i were to be standing out in a field or on some flat, easily accessible location, it wouldn't be such a challenge. but the creek-side locations i prefer are in rugged terrain, not easy to access or find a flat piece of ground for the easel. the coming days are forecast to be warm, in the '70's, with none of the very high winds we've been having over the past few weeks, and which are typical this time of year in our valley. stay tuned & i might just venture out tomorrow!