stage 1 of Sangres with Purple Clouds, 12x48" oil on linen /continuing work on motion 21 / by Philip Tarlow

2:23 PM: this morning i began work on a rather different kind of painting than my motion series. it's the genre of painting i'm very well versed in and, in all modesty, am somewhat of a master at.: realist landscapes painted on a tinted ground, in this case a warmish grey ground.

once it's completed, i plan on bringing it to the gallery (as yet unnamed) in denver next week, by whom i will now be represented, as an example, along with a few of my motion series paintings, of the range of my work.

i can't yet say, but i might leave "unfinished" areas, in keeping with an aesthetic one can find in certain 19th c. plein air painters and which strongly appeals to me. the pregnant pause, as it were....

i'm kind of pooped out, so i'll continue in the morning. i'm working on this one, by the way, with the painting flat in front of me on my work table.

3:07 PM: before starting work on sangres with purple clouds, above, i continued work on motion 21. i whited out the central portion, which was far too busy & heavy, and was taking away form the beauty of the rest of this painting. 

so now the painting feels a lot lighter, and all the successful passgaes are easier to appreciate, as you see in the detail, below. once the paint dries, i'll have another go at that central portion & see if i can resolve it.