and on to motion 17....and an adjustment to my drop down menus / by Philip Tarlow

re: SITE CHANGES: over the past few days, i played around with my drop down menus. there were too many of them & it was confusing. so i placed all the pages showing paintings or drawings under works. since greece spans a continuous 15 year period in my life & career as an artist it's a separate header. CV & story are also separate topics & deserve their own if you're a regular visitor, this will clear up any questions you might have. i'll probably continue to refine & improve this site in the future, & i'll let you know if something changes.

                                                          the under-drawing for motion 17 a the end of my work day

studio interior at 2 pm, an early stage of the motion 17 under-drawing on the easel . on the wall the just completed motion 16

early stage of the under-drawing:  motion 17


1:35 PM: for the moment, and until it undergoes the house hanging test, motion 16 is declared complete, resolved, finito. this morning i stretched a new canvas, 38x38" and am currently engaged in making the under-drawing for it.

for those of you who haven't been following my blog, in this motion series, an under-drawing is exactly what it says: a drawing in colored pencil, graphite & crayon which, when it's done, will be sprayed with fixative & partially painted over in oil, so that bits of it peek through the final painting; an underlying energy boost, it is, contributing unplanned & often brilliantly placed accents to the oil painting above. leaving everytrhing to chance is foolish. as is eliminating the possibility for it.