the drawing for motion 16 / by Philip Tarlow

                                                         STAGE 2 of motion 16  36x36"  oil, colored pencil & oil pastel on linen

5:07 PM:  .....and, in a last minute scramch, he dives back in, scrapes & scrumbles, draws with graphite & moves once again into motion territory, elbowing his opponents to the side in full body swinging of arms & flinging of paint....

                                                         STAGE 1  of  motion 16   36x36"  oil, colored pencil & oil pastel on linen

                                                         STAGE 1 of motion 16  36x36"  oil, colored pencil & oil pastel on linen

SITE-4-4-18 PT paints motion 16 stage 1.jpg

as i predicted, this painting, thus far, differs form all the rest. rather than being inspired by one of my older plein air paintings, it is largely drawn from one of the photographs of the creek i shot one day while out painting. it lacks the larger, rock inspired forms of the rest of the series & is mor eof a riff on a particular place at a particular time. some palette knife scraping has taken place, to make the strokes that were too defined blur & widen their edges. i can't wait to see where it takes me tomorrow.

2:05 PM: this morning i stretched a new 36x36" canvas and commenced the drawing for motion 16. i used a new fixative to stabilize the drawing, which is non-toxic. this is a huge relief, because the stuff i used to use was terrible, and i could smell the toxic fumes even when i was wearing my professional mask.

i'm about to start painting, and am approaching this one a bit differently than the previous motion paintings. you'll see what i mean once i start posting images.

i also spent time revising my home page, as well as my new fluid landscape page. have a look: