morning walk / an adjustment to motion 2 / more work on motion 21 / by Philip Tarlow

the sky over crestone/baca at sunset: the high winds have not decreased as they usually do around sunset, and there'a chill in the air. we do see these con trails, but are blessed in that we very rarely hear planes overhead, so prevalent in much of the country.goodnight!

motion 21 at 4 pm; end of my painting day.

DETAIL of motion 21 at 4pm









4:10 PM: boy, i really knocked myself out today. after way overdoing it with motion 21, i think i pulled it out....too bleary eyes to know right now. so i'll clean my brushes and go back to the house. earlier, i was thinking of setting up for oil painting towards sunset on our deck, but right now i'm not so sure. if these wild spring winds die down, as they often do around sunset, maybe i'l scurry back to the studio & grab my easel & paints. we'll see.













3:18 PM: i may have over-worked motion 21. lets see what i do now! it looked pretty damned good on the left, before i started working on it a few hours ago!

SITE-4-30-18 morning walk.jpg

11:20 AM: this morning at around 7 we took a delightful walk across from our house. the light was exquisite, and the landscape to the west gave me an idea for a horizontal painting, which i may stretch the canvas for today.

as well, i'm going to make some adjustments to  motion 2. pics as they become available.

1:43 PM: below are the before & after images of the changes i made to motion 2 this morning. the composition was too centralized & needed to be extended out to the edges of the canvas on the right & left. thanks to mikela's most excellent feedback, this is now a far better painting. notice how the canvas actually seems wider in the image on the right! it's actually the same 36x38" canvas!

now i'm working on changes to motion 21, which needed more pop. i'll post pics whn i'm done working for the day. still got that good energy, & need to get back to it.