weather / motion 21 / by Philip Tarlow

2:41 PM: so i did some more work on motion 21, all the while casting glances at motion 20. i didn't touch motion 20, but did notice when the light was strong and falling on the painting, i did it a shortchanged it yesterday & adjusted it too dark.

so what oyu see on the right is a lot closer to the actual painting as it appears in person. if you scroll down a bit to my earlier post today, you will see a darker, less accurate image.










and here's the current state of motion 21.









10:51 am: WEATHER:

todays forecast predictes a high of 69F, which is 8F above the norm. our spring winds will once again kick in, especially this afternoon, when they oculd gust to 45mph. and of course, with our cirrent sever drought conditions, there is a very high fire danger, & the national forest service has prohibited open fires in the entire county of saguache.

here's how the sky above the peaks looked this morning around 9am, with those beautiful, delicate wisps fanning out.

we'll have a 20-40% chance for precipitattion tuesday night through thursday, and the high tempreature for wednesday will drop to about 50F.

motion 20  54x35"  oil, crayon & oil pastels on linen

PAINTING TODAY: i'm going to leave motion 20 in it's current state, after extensive work yesterday. this afternoon i'll bring it to the house to see if it passes the east wall hanging test. it differs from the rest of the series in it's mysteriousness, with shapes and colors reminiscent of the bolder, more direct look of it's brothers & sisters. it has an air of mystery, and rewards the persistant viewer with it's subtlties.just as i wrote this, the sun emerged from behind a cloud, and the entire painting  morphed, revealing even more of it's secrets. if i were the collector who will one day own this painting, i would hang it in a spot opposite a comfortable couch, placed about 18-20 ft. away, so that details such is this could be savored.


i plan on continuing work on motion 21 as soon as i complete this post. it's almost there, but needs work in the central portion, which needs to be slightly more defined. i'll post updates as available. BELOW:

motion 21 as it appeared when i entered my studio this morning.