more tag team painting today / brief weather update / by Philip Tarlow

motion 20 at 5pm

k's landscape, stage 1, acrylic on canvas

5:15 PM: some critical changes to motion 20, while my mentee k. was creating his landscape just outside the studio door.












motion 21 at 2pm

motion 20 at 2pm






2:04 PM: stopping here for the day as i await my mentee, k, arriving 2:30.





















1:23 PM: a mid-day snack as i continue work & wait for my mentee k. to arrive at 2:30.

it consists of: organic-arugula, red peppers, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds grown in the usa, not china, tomatoes & doused in olive oil with fresh lemon juice & seasonings.

                                                 at work on both paintings at noon today

12:29 PM: i liked yesterdays experiment,: working on motion 20 & 21 in tandem. so today i'm continuing this way of working. dividing my time between motion 21, 36x36" and motion 20, 54x35." as you might expect, discoveries in one translate loosely to the other and, based on past experience with the motion series, at some point in the near future, it may all be gone. painted over, scraped, scrumbled....

i'm learning to adapt my composition to the new rectangular shape of motion 20, and to build on my experiment in motion 4 of elaborating upon an under-drawing without painting over it completely.

CRESTONE/BACA WEATHER UPDATE:i've deactivated my facebook account after learning of their shenanigans, so here's a brief weather update for my friends who used to follow my weather comments:

BELOW: the threatening skies at 6pm

BELOW: our skies at 4pm

the western sky viewed from the studio at 1 pm

the eastern sky viewed from the studio at 1 pm

the eastern sky viewed from the studio at 1 pm

today started out as a clear sunny day. temperatures will reach a high of 68 F; about 7F above normal for this date. clouds will increase this afternoon, with a 40% chance for thunderstorms this afternoon 50-60% chance for rain tonight, & snow likely above 10,000 ft. (our house is at 8,000 ft.)