tag team painting / by Philip Tarlow

                                  motion 20 at 2pm

2:16 PM: so here's where i'm stopping for the day. i had a couple of important calls an hour ago, one of which was concerning the new gallery i'm moving to in denver. more about that another day. suffice it to say i have now officially moved from space gallery in denver to a different gallery, which i don't yet feel comfortable identifying until things are firmed up & an agreement is signed.

the additional work i did on motion 20 involves the application of oil paint. previously, it was basically a drawing on canvas. so now it has more depth and carries further when you look at it from 20 or 30 feet, as i'm now doing.

motion 21 was too busy. so as i was working on motion 20, i would break away & do something to this larger painting (54x35"). that system, something i've never done before, seems to have worked well and to the benefit of both paintings.

so tomorrow morning work will continue on both pieces. i like this new system!











12:22 PM: today i'm working on two paintings in tandem: motion 20 & 21. it's a long story & i have to get back to work, so i'll explain later. for now, here's a shot of the studio interior moments ago. the 2 paintings i'm working on are the one on the easel & the one on the left, on the wall.