motion 20 process / finito / by Philip Tarlow


1:54 PM: i did a bit more on motion 20, and am stopping for the day, as there aer a few things i need to take care of this afternoon.

SITE-4-26-18 PT works on motion 20 noon.jpg












12:52 PM: today, with yesterdays white-over dried, i flipped the painting upside down & am going into it with wax pastel crayons & oil sticks. it has the air of a bonnard interior; soft colors, lots of patterning & a level of intimacy one might not expect in a landscape painting. 

i'm continuing work, and will post updated pics a bit later in the afternoon.

in his guardian article yesterday, renowned 86 year old social scientist mayer hillman basically says that we're doomed. nothing we can do now or in the future can save us from the impending end of all life on earth.


the rocks, to which i am increasingly drawn in my work, will remain silent martyrs, as they have done for millions of years. or maybe not so silent.