remembering angelos delivorrias / starting motion 21 / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                                          motion 21 at 2:45 PM

2:37 PM: the skies have grown dark & it's snowing on the peaks. hoping we'll get some precip., whether rain or snow. this winter is officially the least amount of snow on record we've ever received, and we're in severe drought.

i'm stopping early so that i can begin photographing & returning ceramic pieces made by a friend in houston. i've painted on some, but most have remained unpainted. 

11:09 AM: i learned this morning from my son dimitri that my dear old friend angelos delivorrias, former director of the benaki museum, passionate lover of ancient & byzantine greek art,  passed away today. here you see us at my 2006 solo exhibition at skoufa gallery in athens.

a sweet, sweet being he was. extremely generous. deeply knowledgeable about the history & philosophy of greek art.... when he spoke about a piece of ancient sculpture, i can remember him running his long, artistic fingers over the piece as though he were stroking a lover. as beautifully as he articulated his description of the piece, you always felt there were simply no words to express what he was feeling & knowing in that moment. his passion was expressed in his eyes, his lips. i always felt his hellenic soul, reflected in his characteristically full mediterranean lips. the enthusiasm angelos expressed harkens back to the greek origins of the word: en-theos, or literally, possessed by a god

a very strong presence, i can still see & hear him as if he were in front of me right now. you will be missed, my friend, but never forgotten.

12:46 PM:

i started work on the under-drawing for motion 21. i needed to give it a rest with motion 20, so i'll come back to it in a few days, while i progress work on motion 21.













7:33 am: i brought motion 20 to the house yesterday & hung it on the east wall. better, but not perfect. i'm going to leave it hanging for at least a few days while i start motion 21, then i might make a few tweaks.