motion 20 wanted more work / by Philip Tarlow

                                 ABOVE: motion 20 yesterday (left) and moments ago

12:34 PM: when i entered the studio this morning, the message form motion 20 was loud & clear: you need to spend more time with me. look at matisse, and he'll show you the way.

so i opened one of my matisse books as i drank my matcha tea and with toast. sure enough, the discoveries matisse made during the 1905-6 period & the breakthroughs he made emboldened me to use color differently than i had been in this painting. what has resulted is a far more compelling painting, i believe. 

you'll notice, in comparing todays version with yesyterdays, above, that i added i added green on the upper right, as well as the naples yellow rock in the upper center & more richness to the reflections in the water below the rock in the center. as well, the blue on the lower left needed to be broken up, some white splashes of creek water have appeared, as well as the little white bubbles. the tree trunk on the upper left now has some patterning.

there is some bold mark making, to which i added some accents.