mentee day: collage / tweaks to motion 20 / by Philip Tarlow

BELOW: today was the day my mentee comes over to the studio. we focused on collage, which k. had never done before. his is on the right. i think it's stunning; what about you?

5:32 PM: the east wall of our house always tells the story, and in this case the story is that motion 20 needs more work. i have some ideas about what it needs, so tune in tomorrow morning for the next stage.

motion 20, 54x35" at 3pm

12:25 PM: after a brief studio visit by mikela, i made some minor but all important changes to motion 20. i say all important because, as you can discern form the comparative shots from yesterdays version, the entire composition snapped into focus by what i did. firstly, you will notice that the black & white upper portion of the painting now unites with the lower portion by the simple extension of the b&w tree trunk lines on the far right from the upper extending now into the lower, colored area. next, the white border i had created yesterday running down both sides of the painting has been interrupted in some spots, allowing the pastel colors to extend in those areas to the edge of the composition.

the net result, i believe is one of unity, so that motion 20 now passes the glance test: quite simply, does it hang together & read as one coherent whole when you cast a momentary glance at it? the next test is the east wall of our house, where it will be hung, albeit still wet in spots, this afternoon. we can get back as far as 60 feet, or the full length of the upper floor of our open plan  house (designed by mikela). if it reads well & carries form thjat distance, & looks just as good the morning after, we're good. and the next and final tests are: how does it look in the gallery, where we'll bring it in a few weeks, and one hopes, how does it look on the wall of the client who will purchase the painting?

BELOW: motion 20 yesterday (left) and today.